Nothing Wrong

by Nothing Wrong

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kiss my ass cause i’m not going to work today i’ve got more important things to do wash my socks, take my car to the shop, pay old parking tickets overdue, then collect another few shoot a film with my pals like we used to back when we were kids not working 9 / 10 hour shifts catch a flight see the world with my baby and just be in love go wherever we want but i can’t cause i’m stuck here at the mercy of a system that i never elected to be in
Ghost 02:12
have you ever seen a ghost suddenly appear? the sight of it brings you shame, and lessons of life in its leer you thought you put it to rest but it rose from the depths of its tomb to harass and surround you like a cloud of regret in the shape of a friend, you give in to the warmth it presents you no, don’t let it bring you down so you put up a last struggle to shake it off what’s the point of it all if you get lost in the dark? reignite the flame and let it guide you on no, don't let it break you
don’t be sorry that you never save when every little choice you make the consequences are so great you're always just a step away from losing fucking everything but it doesn't have to be this way if only we could turn the blame to all the wealthy parasites whose only trade is knowing how to take knowing how to take but they never work a day but they sure know how to take! and you never get a break! and your only saving grace, is every friendly face you end the week with over drinks pour out all the hate and spite you've drawn from every single day you bite your tongue and vent out all the shit that you've amassed from all the times you've kissed somebody's ass to pay your debts but we stay strong cause there’s a lot in life that’s worth a fuss and we’re learning how to fight for that because if all our days and nights belong to us we’ll do this right
Sugary Drink 01:51
it all started with a question and a drink why do i feel the need to act away before i think? what a horrible way to rebuild how we relate in a corner, moving forward i must lie through my teeth one decision changed the course of your stay we made moves, and we lost clothes and we communicated in a very different way what have I done? what am i doing? what have i gotten myself into? (x4)
crawl into your bed and crawl out again with just enough shut eye to be just short of adequate roll into my home and roll out on the floor fix the twitch in my eyes (sleep less drink much more) is something wrong? you’re muttering under your breath yeah i bet what you said wasn’t quite what you meant crawl out of my bed to alarm number 10 i take baby steps so don’t hold your breathe just when you thought that i could not get worse i’ll go back on my word, it wouldn’t be a first there’s nothing wrong so pull your sheets over your head pay no mind to the flames and go back to bed *spooky interlude* is something wrong you’re muttering under your breath yeah i bet what you said wasn’t quite what ya meant there’s something wrong youre crumbling under the stress pay no mind to the flames and go back to bed you’re plenty unslept you could use the rest
FOMO 01:34
all my friends are working on their art i sit and waste away and watch as my life falls apart i can’t believe in seven years that i’ve got nothing to show instead i’m chasing jobs i’ll never fucking wanna do when the problem started with my car id maxed out my whole credit card, guess i’m not going far im gonna need another beer in my engine just to go and rise again at 6am to start this shit again all my friends are working all night long i sit at home and wonder why they all work when i don’t i can’t believe we all adhere to this bullshit world we’re in i say we watch this place decay from space and rip some beers say three cheers to the end
Subprime 01:59
you’ll be so successful, you’ll be so bright you’ll make us so proud, you’ll make us alright you’ll keep you alive (x3) you’ll keep us alive every day was education, workers prep, indoctrination, learn a little bit on how to be a better cog when the market bottomed, what was it worth? your degree is refuse returned to the earth what keeps us alive? (x3) what keeps you alive? everything that we were promised our full faith held in the market men in suits stole our whole future when do we take it back? because I’m running on fumes and I’m going nowhere just earning a living I’m losing my hair are we in hell? and they’re gonna tell you “there's not money in the budget” and they’re gonna tell you "profits aren't too high..." and they’re gonna tell you “this business is like a family” and they’re going to get a big fat fucking bonus say hello to my little friend


released July 26, 2019

Recording & mixing: Marc Critelli
Mastering: Azimuth
Album art: Gina Scamuffa


all rights reserved



Nothing Wrong Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Punk Rock & Emo

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